I fly a planes.

Building (and Flying With) Stratux Homebuilt ADS-B In

I first heard about the Stratux project a few months back, in a subreddit that described how to build your own ADS-B In receiver for under $120. It uses software-defined radios to pick up ADS-B data, then processes it using open-source software. As a pilot who’s dabbled with the idea of plunking down around $1000 on the Stratus 2S, this was a pretty attractive idea: less than $200 for traffic and weather on my iPad? Heck, I could build a receiver and order a new iPad for less than the list price of the Stratus.

I took the plunge, ordered the parts, and tried it out.

The verdict? It works brilliantly.

Teach Everything

It’s always fascinated me that most pilots first become professionals as flight instructors. Before starting jobs at airlines or charter companies, most pilots’ careers begin by teaching brand-new private students the basics of aviation. Not everybody is good, and most don’t do it for long even if they are, but it’s somehow become The Way It Works in aviation.