Lesson Plans

Hi there. I am a CFI and CFII, and I created these lesson plans while working on my ratings. Most of these are pretty old: some have been updated since then, some have not, and some are missing and have yet to be reformatted. You can browse the actual lesson plan category if you want to browse by update timestamp.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. You’re welcome to use my lesson plans as a basis for your own, but they must also use this license.

Private Pilot lesson plans

Instrument Rating lesson plans

  • Flight instruments
  • Aircraft systems
  • Instrument cockpit check
  • Holding procedures
  • Intercepting and tracking navaids and DME arcs
  • Navigational equipment and operation
  • ILS and DME equipment and operation
  • Aeronautical decision-making
  • RMI and HSI Navigation
  • Technically advanced aircraft
  • Air Traffic Control Clearances
  • Visual maneuvering
  • Instrument rating knowledge areas
  • IFR cross-country planning and regulations
  • Flight by reference to instruments
  • Instrument approaches
  • FAA resource guide
  • Departure and arrival procedures and clearances
  • Arrival and departure outline
  • Instrument Proficiency Check plan of action
  • Human factors
  • Weather products
  • Avidyne glass study guide
  • FTD plan of action: NDB navigation