This briefing should develop the student’s understanding of the setup, procedures, and execution of chandelles to improve control smoothness and use of the aircraft at maximum performance.


  • reasons maneuver can improve skills
  • describe execution
  • explain standards
  • common problem areas


  • model aircraft
  • whiteboard and markers
  • Airplane Flying Handbook
  • UND standardization manual

Instructor actions

In a guided discussion, explain the aerodynamics, procedures, and execution for chandelles, using whiteboard illustrations and a model aircraft.

Student actions

Read appropriate chapter and complete homework assignment prior to the briefing. Participate in the guided discussion.

Completion Standards

The student should be able to explain the aerodynamics, procedures, and execution for chandelles.

Teaching outline


  • setup 
* 1,500 ft dual and 2,000 ft solo 
* boost off, gas fullest, gear up, mix rich, prop high 
* entry airspeed of 110 knots
  • bank 30°, power full simultaneously

  • gradual pitch-up to 90° point

  • pitch held

  • gradual bank reduction to 180° point

  • complete climb, wings level, at MCA

  • if rolling out to right, left torque effect

  • reduced control effectiveness

  • just below stall, not stalling

  • recover


  • coordinated climbing turn to 90° with constant bank
  • constant-rate rollout from 90° to 180° with constant pitch
  • roll out on 180° point ±10°, just above stall airspeed
  • avoidance of stall, recovery with minimum altitude loss
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