Private Pilot question bank


These are sample questions for private pilot candidates that will hopefully allow them to demonstrate some level of correlation-level knowledge.

  • Which would you prefer on takeoff: a strong left crosswind, or a strong right crosswind? Why?
  • Re: an XC between KPAE and KSHN: obstruction near KPWT. How does it impact the flight based on weather? How about if the altimeter setting is not reset?
  • Describe an aircraft in a slip or skid. Which wing will stall (or drop) first?
  • Pose medical emergencies while on a cross-country near airspace.
  • How high can an aircraft go between two points? Consider service ceiling, weather, aeromedical factors, airspace, etc.
  • Premium is cheaper than avgas, so can we put it in our airplane? Why or why not?
  • What role do ailerons have in a spin in a Piper Cub? How about a Cirrus?
  • Crossing KOLM, do we need to talk? (What altitude? Is the tower open?)
  • We lose comms outside of KOLM’s airspace. Can we enter their airspace and land?
  • How does published service ceiling relate to VX and VY?
  • What is absolute ceiling?
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